Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Toilet Review

Kohler Highline toiletThe K-3493-0 KOHLER Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet is a two piece toilet with an exceptionally powerful flush. It is one of the best flushing toilets and even rated as the most powerful toilet by Consumer Reports. This is a ‘pressure toilet’ as opposed to the standard gravity-flush toilet. A inbuilt air pressure flushing mechanism in the tank makes it unusually powerful. So its flushing performance is fast, clean and more powerful than any other toilet model we have reviewed on our best toilets guide for 2017.

The Kohler Highline Pressure Lite is also one of the few toilets for sale in the market that is still manufactured in the United States. Even with its extra power flush it uses only the federal standard rate of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF). Features include a comfortable taller seating and elongated bowl. All these together makes it a very attractive top branded toilet model.

However like all products it has its pros and cons. Mainly the explosive flush can be a tad loud which may discourage some who are looking for a quiet toilet. So lets have a look at all of those details in this Kohler Highline Classic toilet review!

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Design & Construction

The KOHLER Highline Classic Pressure Lite is manufactured using high quality ceramic. It is constructed as a conventional toilet with two-pieces. The model dimensions are 31.13L x 21.25W x 31.25H inches.

The floor mount bowl base has a nice elongated shape that offers added room and comfort. But the elongated bowl is also longer, which also increases the total length of the toilet (from back wall to outer edge of toilet). This is something you have to consider if you are going to use it in a small space.

The unqiuely shaped tank comes with its special inbuilt pressure-assisted flushing system. The powerful flush trip liver is positioned in the left side as opposed to right side as in most models. The rough in is a standard 12 inch from the back.

This model’s design looks nice and is complementary in style. So it will suit in a wide range of bathroom decor and can blend with other bath fixtures and styles. Kohler knows how important it is to match the toilet to your bathroom’s predominant color and design. So they have made this toilet available in four different colors including white, black, biscuit and almond.

Seat Height

The Comfort Height elongated bowl offers a chair-height seating level. It is about 2 inches taller than standard height models. This makes sitting down and standing up more easier for most adults. Tall and the elderly people will appreciate this feature very much. Even a average height person will feel more comfortable but younger, small kids might find it a little tall.

Flushing System

This toilet has a different flushing system than most toilets you find in the market. Most toilets in the market are gravity-flush toilets. When you flush them, the water in the tank is released and flows down by gravity into the bowl. This model’s tank has a Pressure Assisted flushing system. So its a pressure toilet meaning it uses a air pressure technology together with water when flushing. The pressurized air and water is released when you flush it. That gives you a exceptionally powerful flush than other normal toilets.

This pressure flushing allows this Highline toilet to give a exceptionally powerful flush while using only the federal standard rate of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

However when the pressurized water and air is released from the tank it can be a tad loud. It’s said to flush like its angry, a fairly loud but brief sudden release of rushing water, and then it’s over. This is the main disheartening factor found in this model.


The pressure assisted flushing design of this KOHLER Highline Classic toilet is highly efficient and the performance is exceptional. When flushing the extra forceful water gushes through the toilet bowl and down the sewer pipe with a big “Whoosh!” sound completely carrying away any waste, toilet paper and anything else in the bowl. It completely cleans the toilet bowl very effectively in one flush, using only 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

The flushing ability of this model will be a relief for those of suffering from having to plug the toilet often or have kids filling the toilet with small toys and stuff.

While the compressed air, boost its flushing performance, its a feature you’ll both see and hear. The flushing is a tad loud for the few seconds it last. It can be heard outside the bathroom with its big “WHOOOOSH!” sound. With its power it probably even cleaning the walls of the pipes with each flush.

However many say they have got used to the loud flush and don’t find it a big deal after the first few times. They are happy with waste not ever coming back up or not fully going down the first time you’ve flushed. With this model there will also not be the need to wait and see whether the toilet is flushed properly the first time or needing to use the plunger once in a while.


The pressure flush system on this model uses 1.6 gallons of water on every flush. The tank refills failrly quickly, though you would never need a double flush with this model. But the 1.6 GPF flush rate might be a little disheartening compared with other models that have lower water consumption rates on them.


The Kohler Highline Pressure Lite uses the standard 12 inch rough in for the waste pipe. It comes with some instructions but installation similar to other conventional toilets and requires only basic plumbing skills and tools. Any prior experience in this regard will help you greatly.

This model doesn’t come with a seat or wax ring, so you will need to purchase them separately. You might also need bolts and a supply line in case your old ones are not reusable.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Due to its extra powerful flush this model can be said to be a low maintenance toilet. You will not need to clean it as frequently as other models. Cleaning instruction are pretty standard like any other Kohler model. For best results Kohler using a good cleaning solution and testing it inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface. rinse completely with water immediately after applying cleaner. Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth and never use any abrasive material such as a brush or scouring pad to clean as it may damage the surfaces.


The warranty is a Kohler one-year limited warranty . When toilets are one the most heavily used products in the house, a one-year warranty often doesn’t seem like a good enough deal. However unfortunately one year warranty are pretty standard for model from the best toilet brands like Kohler for toilets in the mid range and below price categories. The best thing you can do is choose a brand you can trust and check customer reviews and make sure that existing customers are happy with the product and level of service that they have received.


All in all, the Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet is a worthy model with an exceptional flushing performance. American built high quality branded toilet also enjoy the taller comfort height of the seat, the comfortable elongated bowl design and a satisfaction of installing a high quality branded toilet. But the louder flush sound from its special pressure flush system may not suit all rooms and locations. Overal I can recommend this toilet as a very powerful and highly rated branded model available at a mid-range price.

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