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About Solid Toilet

Solid Toilet ownerHi,
If you have found yourself on Solid Toilet, then you are most likely either shopping for a toilet, or you are a home improvement enthusiast or professional looking for more information.

Either way, welcome to my website about toilets and accessories.

My name is Aksam Zarook, the guy behind this website. I’m a 36-year-old IT professional and father of two kids. You’ll be wondering why a guy like me is writing and running a website on toilets. Here’s the story behind it.

The Story

It all began about a year ago in early 2017. At that time, I was looking for a small house. Having a nice bathroom with a good toilet had a big effect on how I rated the houses I saw.

I found a nice little house and moved into it. It had a nice large bathroom off the main hall. The toilet in it was a different story. It flushed well and was usable. However, the tank was cracked and plastered with cement for leaking. It was an ugly, messy, badly done job. On top of that, this toilet was grey color with a cheap, mismatched white color toilet seat. To cap it all, the toilet seat was cracked in the middle. When I sit and get up, that nasty seat would pinch my backside 🙂

builder grade toilet
This is a photo of that broken tank & pinching seat toilet, which I took when I moved into my new house.

With a new house, I had a lot of work to do and money was short. Replacing the toilet was bottom in my list of priorities. However, I needed to do something about that rude pinching seat immediately. And if possible replace the toilet or at-least the tank. That’s when I started toilet shopping, and in the process learning more about them and getting interested in the subject.

I first began searching replacement parts for my problematic toilet. I had a hard time with it, as mine turned out to be what is called, “builder grade toilet”. It didn’t have a brand name or model number I could find. I did quite a bit of researching and shopping to fix this toilet.

In the process, I was learning many things about toilets that fascinated me. I was also finding many toilet websites, articles and guides with mediocre or unsatisfying information. That’s when I noticed a big problem with the marketing and sales of toilets today.

The Problem (with Buying Toilets at Stores)

The problem I found with stores is, when you want to buy a toilet or its parts and you walk into stores, it’s hard to get reliable and unbiased facts and details.  The sales staff and owners are either indifferent to your needs or somehow try to sell you whatever products they have at hand.

It’s very difficult to tell if the often underpaid store assistants are working off commissions and willing to sell you anything, or if the claims and marketing material on the toilet packaging are really true to their word. That’s of-course assuming the toilet or part you want is actually in stock.

The Problem (with Buying Toilets on The Internet)

We turn towards the Internet, to circumvent our local store’s inventory hurdles and insufficient information. We also want to take advantage of technology to make our lives easier. Online vendors like Amazon have mastered their art and also crowd sourced their marketplace with reliable sellers and have seemingly endless inventory of simply amazing toilet products.

Then another problem happened.

Suddenly there isn’t just one shelf or aisle to search in. There is literally a gigantic database with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of toilet products to check and choose. You find you need to click through hundreds of web pages just to find that one golden toilet – the one you really want. By the time you choose a toilet product to buy, you haven’t really saved any time and effort at all.

Plus, sometimes businesses and sellers artificially inflate their own products, with reviews in online stores, to get more attention in a cut throat marketplace. So shopping for a toilet is getting more and more confusing without knowing who to trust.

A few dedicated toilet appraisal and review websites exist now to combat these issues but they created the second problem… Information overload.

The Solution

If you are like me, and I’m going to spend my hard earned money on a toilet I want to know that investment is going towards a quality product. So, in order to help spread awareness about the best toiletry products and to educate those interested to know more about them in a easy to grasp manner, I’ve created Solid Toilet website.

With well researched and beautifully presented reviews, comparison tables, best picks for different price ranges etc. it overcomes the shortcomings we discussed above. With the right layout and content, I think Solid Toilet gives you just the right amount of information to help you make informed decisions, while at the same time getting to the point and providing quality and reliable toilet reviews and recommendations.

I continuously subject Solid Toilet website to rigorous testing and improvements to make sure it is extremely simple to navigate and easy to use and I think you’ll be pleased with the end result.

Solid Toilet Now And In The Future

At the time of writing this, Solid Toilet is in its infancy. I can only guess as to where the website will go. As the name suggest my aim is to make it a solid, one-stop online resource and information center for all things on toilets.

However, it’s tough to say exactly where Solid Toilet will end up and how it will function. I believe that the best websites are formed through user and reader feedback and I will do my best to make this website to meet all your toilet needs and expectations.

How To Support Solid Toilet

Solid Toilet reviews and articles contain links that will forward you to Amazon, one of the biggest and best marketplaces on the internet for toilet products. From there you can check more details, latest prices as well as purchase the product you want. When you make a purchase after clicking one of those links we receive a small commission through their affiliate program.

Of course, you are in no way obliged to buy the toilet products I recommend, nor are you required to purchase the products through Solid Toilet, but I want to be upfront and let you know that I will likely profit off of the products I recommend on Solid Toilet.

This relationship is mutually beneficial because I want you to feel confident about the toilet products you purchase. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t buy them and I here at the Solid Toilet wouldn’t have the resources to be here.

What makes me feel truly rewarded is when I see comments, discussions, social shares or e-mails from users that tell me how satisfied they are and that they found a great toilet and that I helped them make the right choice.

Thank you.