Oversized Toilets And Toilet Seats For Heavy People

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Recently I noticed people come here looking for oversized toilets and toilet seats for heavy people. As a toilet marketer I have come across oversized toilet seats for heavy person but unfortunately not oversized toilets or extra large toilets. So I research a lot about oversized, extra large and heavy duty toilets and toilet seats and let me share the solutions I found here.

Best Extra Large Toilet for Tall & Heavy Person

So overall what are the oversized toilets and toilet seats? I got good news and bad news to share with you. The good news is there are several recommendable large toilet seats for heavy people. But I couldn’t find any extra large over sized toilets specifically designed for large and heavy people.

oversized toiletIn the absence of extra large toilets, many tall and heavy people buy taller seat height toilets. They also buy the larger elongated bowl toilets. For example, you find that a popular toilet of choice by large and tall people is the 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet (check its Amazon.com sales page here #ad).

This toilet has a 3 or 4 inches taller elongated toilet bowl and seat than a regular toilet, but takes up the same space as a regular toilet. With a higher seat you can sit more comfortably without scrunching your knees and legs. They are easier to get up from too.

When I checked the 20″ Extra Tall Toilet’s online reviews to see about how its works for large and heavy people, I found this Amazon review #ad by a customer who is 51 years old, 6′ foot 6 inches tall and weighs 350 lbs. According to him with this 20″ extra Tall Toilet, he can sit properly with his knees level with his hips. He experiences zero knee and back pain now when standing up, as opposed to the those difficulties he had getting up off the regular standard toilets.

Here’s another customer review on Amazon #ad that says this toilet is perfect for his 6 foot 7 inch and 300+ pound frame. He also says his wife who is 5′ 9″ loves it too!

What about the flushing performance and flush rating for this 20 inch toilet? Well somebody had asked about its flush rating in this Q&A section on Amazon #ad and below is the reply given by the company that designed and manufactures this 20 inch extra tall toilet.

Total flush in one flush: 1000g (2.2 lbs.)
Cross ball diameter⌀(1.97 inches) – PASSED
Flush speed and velocity: Above average
Ink line testing (flushing function): The total length of residual ink after each rinse is less than 0.98in, and the length of each residual ink line is not more than 0.51in. No residue. PASSED
Semi flush paper ball test – PASSED
Dual flush function: Full flush: under 1.28 gallons per flush (WaterSense qualifying standard)
Short flush: 0.8 gallons per flush

Other online customer reviews and comments confirm its above average flushing performance and that its features are as described. So for heavy and tall people this 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet is recommendable.

Best Oversized Toilets for Average Height Heavy Person

What about the best toilets for average height heavy folks? For heavy people with shorter heights like under 5′ 10′ or if you are going to install the toilet in a bathroom that will also be used by short person or children too, then some of the 17″ ADA complient ‘comfort height’ elongated toilet models from Kohler and Toto seem to work fine.

For example I found several customer reviews on Amazon for the popular Toto Drake toilet that says it supports their high body weight and they are happy with it.

Oversized Toilet Seats For Heavy Person

Most regular toilets can support a weight of up-to around 1000 pounds but most toilet seat won’t support a weight over 250 or 300 pounds. Thats why normal toilet seats crack and break so easily. So if you are a heavy person you need to get a heavy duty toilet seat. Unlike heavy duty toilets, fortunately there are many heavy duty toilet seats rated to support weights of like 800 to 2000 pounds.

oversized toilet seatThe most popular and best oversized toilet seats are made by Big John Products, Inc. based in CA. The best selling toilet seat made by them is the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W Closed Front with Cover Oversize Toilet Seat (check at Amazon #ad). It’s a specially designed bariatric toilet seat with a weight limit of 1200 pounds.

This seat is 19-inches wide from side to side and 2-1/2 inches thick. The 75% more width than a regular toilet seat gives you a more space to sit on and makes it more comfortable. Its thickness makes it very heavy duty. According to Big John it will work for everyone, but is ideal for plus-sizes consumers. Many heavy people as well as elderly and physically challenged buy it. Its also used in hospitals and health care facilities.

Another popular toilet seat is the BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Closed Front Toilet Seat (Amazon page link #ad)  This toilet seat is only 16-1/2″ wide, so it isn’t oversized like the Big John seat. They say it has a 1,000 lb weight limit and will never loosen & reduce call-backs. It fits round and elongated toilet bowls of regular toilets.

Since these heavy duty toilet seats are 2.5 inches thick it will raise your toilet seat height by about one or two inches than a normal toilet seat would. For heavy people, a higher seat height makes sitting and getting up more comfortable. However if you have kids or someone short using the same toilet it can make the toilet seat level a bit high for them.

When buying a oversized seat, the toilet seat weight capacity is not the only concern. The alignment of your back with the seat and hole needs to be comfortable enough to do your business.

It’s also worth hearing what one large person (over 300 lbs) commented on another post here and said about heavy duty toilet seats usage. He says when a larger person is on a standard toilet, they tend to lean back onto the toilet tank, which in the case of two piece toilet, the tank and bowl seals start leaking. So with a two piece toilet, what he does is position the heavy duty seat over the regular toilet seat. This has saved work for him in the long run and makes it more comfortable for a larger person. (Comment if you’ve tried this below.)

Heavy Duty Bidet Seats for Large Person

Bidet seats are toilets seats that are hooked up to your water line. They are button or remote control operated and spray jets of water and wash your back after using the toilet. Saves on toilet paper and you feel more cleaner than wiping with toilet paper. Also as you don’t have to buy toilet paper, its environmentally and budget friendly too.

Bidets are widely used in Japan and parts of Europe, and are becoming quite popular in America now, starting with the Covid-19 situation and the toilet paper shortages.  The price of these range from around 50 dollars for a cheap bidet attachment to very sophisticated electric bidets from top brands that cost several grands! There’s lot of things to talk about bidets, perhaps you might like to look into it after getting one of the above toilets.

A medium heavy duty bidet I have come across is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated Smart Toilet Seat (Amazon page link #ad). It’s a very popular normal electric bidet seat with all the functions of a top of the range bidet seat.

As its weight capacity, according to replies in this question on Amazon #ad a seller of this Bliss 2000 seat says its specified weight is 320 lbs but it has worked for users up to 400 pounds. Other replies and reviews by customers with weights above 350 pounds, confirm it can support a heavy person. So it looks like a good bidet for large people. This Amazon customer review #ad even says it has worked for him even though he weighs 440 pounds and 6′ 4″ tall.

Apart from expensive high-end bidets, sometimes a cheap bidet might work just as well.  For the 20 inch extra Tall Toilet, the 6″ 6″, 350 lbs person’s review I mentioned above, has said he uses a Luxe Bidet Seat.  He has posted a photo on Amazon #ad of the 20″ Extra Tall toilet and Luxe Bidet he’s using for the over a year.  (Note, there are several Luxe Bidets models, I ‘m not sure which one he’s using. You can check Luxe Bidets here on Amazon #ad) Luxe Bidets are one of the cheapest bidets.

I have written more about heavy duty bidets here.

Average Toilet Weight Limits

I can understand it can be frightening not knowing whether a toilet can support your body weight. But have no fear on this score. You might break a toilet seat but you’ll never break a toilet bowl with your weight. That’s because toilets are made out of porcelain and the regular standard toilet weight limit is over 1000 pounds. (I’ve written a separate research article about toilet weight limits here and wall hung toilet weight limit here.)

So modern porcelain toilets are incredibly tough and can support thousands of pounds of weight on them before they crack under pressure. There hasn’t been a recorded instance of a toilet cracking from a persons weight. (Unless their was already a hairline crack or some other damage to the toilet due to a previous accident like a heavy object falling or striking it and the heavy person didn’t notice it.)

Any regular toilet can hold over 1000 lbs. What you need to be frighten about is breaking the toilet seat which are made out of non-heavy duty material like plastic or wood. So regardless of the toilet you buy, get a heavy duty toilet seat like the ones I’v listed above.

However sometimes when you are out of home or in a hurry while travelling if you have to go, you have to go. In such situations if you are not sure about the toilet seat, raise it up and sit on the bowl. What else to do! (feel free to share what you have done in such situation in the comments below. It might help other readers in similar situations)

Also while the regular toilets are heavy duty enough, the floor and seals can give way, most often due to tank and bowl rocking or installation bolts and joints wear and tear. At home you can make sure you install good bolts, nuts, wax rings and toilet flanges etc. and periodically check, tighten as required and replace them when needed.

Average Wall Hung Toilet Weight Limits

As for wall hung toilets you need to be a little more cautious. While the wall hung toilets are made out of porcelain they are fixed to the wall using bolts and steel wall hung toilet carriers. Not all bolts and carriers are heavy duty, so they may fail if they are not up to standard. All it depends on strength of the wall and frames. If you are not sure better avoid using them and try to find a regular toilet. (If you are traveling overseas in some countries it can be a problem as they use wall hung toilets. Like Switzerland for example where over 80 percent of the toilets are wall hung toilets.)

In the US, the law requires all wall hung toilets to have a minimum weight limit of 500 pounds. Some toilets like the Toto Wall Hung toilet can support over 800 pounds provided you use the Toto wall hung carrier frame to fix it to the wall. So if you are getting a wall hung toilet you need to make sure to get one that can support your body weight.

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    1. Oval is better than round toilet seats. It is more comfortable and has more space which helps when cleaning yourself.

  1. I have an odd question. My husband is at least 100 pounds over weight. We can no longer sleep in the same bed because he’s already broken the headboard leg. He was using my powder room toilet. Between plunging like crazy every few days, and the extra weight he has caused my toilet to leak where the hose meets the pipe that comes from the tank. We thought it was just older and needed replaced. We put a small bowl to catch the dripping water. After a few months, I realized it didn’t do this when I used it. He is now banned. Last night, we heard water running. I was upstairs and he was two floors down. We thought the other was using water. Our family room carpeting and tile floors had at least a half inch of water. He’s really the only one to use it and that powder room was just redone two years ago. The water was coming out of the same area mine had been leaking. The hose had blown completely off. Needless to say we had to call an emergency restoration company. He weighs 345 pounds. He is always breaking the seats, but I can easily replace them. He sits to do everything. Too much info I know. Could his obesity cause something like this or am I just imagining it?

    1. Hi Judy,
      Speaking for us over weight folks, yes it can. I myself was 387 over a year ago. I’ve lost 60 pounds but being so large puts pressure in places it shouldn’t. I just moved into my new home and had ask for handicap toilets to be installed as they are usually larger. Well it is an elongated bowl but definitely not meant for someone my size. I would definitely look into getting something for a morbidly obese person. Kohler makes one that I’m purchasing. I rather pay almost $400 than tear up my new wood floors. .

  2. Hello
    I am looking for a replacement toilet, I have an overweight very tall teenager with autism still growing. The current toilet not stable and not good quality. I really don’t like the look of toilets that don’t have a complete seat. Where do I get the best toilet for a person of extra weight and size currently 19 stone with the potential of getting heavier

    1. Did you get a new toilet for your son? We have the same issue. He rocks on the toilet too. Large teenager.

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