Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews & Comparison

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If you are looking for the best toilet bowl cleaner for normal or special cleaning needs, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find our handpicked top toilet cleaners which are presented here based on expert recommendations and consumer opinions of the top cleaners. Cleaning your toilet will be much easier if you have an excellent product at hand.

A lot of dirty stuff ends up in our toilet and cleaning them out is not a pleasant task. Toilet cleaning tops as one of the worst chores we have to complete. So getting one of these top rated toilet cleaners can make a big difference in getting this chore done quickly, easily and efficiently with little frustration.

There are toilet bowl cleaners available from all kinds of brands, shapes and sizes. There are also different types of cleaners made from different ingredients for normal use and for special cleaning needs like hard water stains and chemical deposits. I compiled this guide considering all these factors. It will help you narrow down the field and find that perfect toilet bowl cleaner whatever needs and requirements you have. Below you can view a comparison of these top toilet bowl cleaners, followed by reviews for each of them.

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Comparison

  • Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Bottle Size: 24 oz
  • Remarks: Clinging gel-based cleaner, Good for normal use

  • Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner,
  • Bottle Size: 24 Oz
  • Remarks: Contains Hydrogen Chloride, is a very potent toilet bowl cleaner

  • Lysol Bleach Free Hydrogen Peroxide Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Bottle Size: 24 Oz
  • Remarks: Contains 0% Bleach, no harsh chemical residue, No gloves needed

  • Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Bottle Size: 24 oz
  • Remarks: Naturally derived, contains no bleach, Good for normal cleaning

  • Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner
  • Bottle Size: 32 Oz
  • Remarks: Green cleaner, eco-friendly , no chemicals

  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime & Rust Remover
  • Bottle Size: 24 Oz
  • Remarks: Powerful, Special cleaner for hard water stains, lime stains & mineral deposits

  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel
  • Bottle Size: 24 Oz
  • Remarks: Powerful bleach cleaner, clinging gel, good for hard water stains & mineral deposits

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Fresh
  • Bottle Size: 2.68 Oz x 2
  • Remarks: Automatic toilet bowl cleaner, prevents stains and toilet rings

Note: Don’t clean your toilet seat with even the mildest toilet cleaner. Toilet Cleaners are meant for porcelain and vitreous china surfaces, so they are harmful to our plastic or wooden seats. To clean Toilet seats, manufacturers advice using a mild hand soap. For convenience, I drop a little hand wash onto a sponge and clean my seat. It has worked well for me.

Top Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

I found several toilet cleaners which are great for cleaning but also with chemicals that are less likely to harm your toilet bowl or the environment. For regular normal toilet cleaning you don’t need a powerful toilet cleaner with toxic chemicals. A normal cleaner is safe and best all-round. Reserve strong and powerful cleaners for special situations only like hard water stains, rust, lime buildups or disinfecting a toilet after illness. Follow instruction on product packaging for best results. And heed manufacturer warnings for ventilating, cleaning and storage. Hope you’ll find your perfect toilet cleaner from these toilet cleaner reviews below.

Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol is one of the top toilet bowl cleaner brands in the market and offer a wide range of products to suit different toilet cleaning needs. The Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner is one of their most highly rated cleaner. Its not only good for regular use but its also a gel based toilet cleaner. This clinging gel solution coats to the toilet bowl and doesn’t run down to the center as soon as you apply it. Apply and allow to sit for a few minutes to soak your bowl. It will loosen the hardened dirt and stains and allows for easier scrubbing and more effective cleaning. The angled bottle top lets you apply the product on hard to reach areas like under the rims.

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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime and Rust Remover

This is one of the best toilet bowl cleaner for hard water stains, toilet bowl rings, lime stains, mineral deposits, and everyday dirt. Its a strong and very effective cleaner for difficult cleaning needs. Apply it to your bowl and let it stand for around 5 to 10 minutes and do not close toilet bowl lid. It will power through just about anything that might be built up around your toilet bowl. Then brush entire bowl to wet surfaces thoroughly, including under the rim, and flush. Repeat if necessary. You will be left with a clean and disinfected bowl with an ocean fresh scent.

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Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you want a good non-bleach for toilet cleaner try this. It is a cleaning solution that uses hydrogen peroxide. Its a thick formula that clings to the bowl and releases thousands of micro-bubbles to dissolve your toilet stains. It can be used to remove even tough lime scale without the need to use a harsh bleach based toilet cleaners. The Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide toilet cleaner leaves behind no chemical residues or harsh side-effects of bleach. Just a clean, fresh, great smell. Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner is currently the most popular toilet cleaner on online store like Amazon.

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Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel is one of the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner products currently in the market. Unlike other toilet cleaners discussed here this is not a product that will get a dirty toilet bowl clean. It is a product that will help keep a clean toilet bowl fresh and sparkling after use. It has a clip which helps you stick the Gel on your toilet bowl near the water outlets. Each time you flush your toilets the Gel gets washed, and rinses your bowl with the flush, helping you keep the bowl clean and fresh. This also helps prevent build-up of lime scale and toilet rings.

This gel product is also better than those automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner tablet that are put inside the septic tank. Automatic toilet bowl cleaning tablets harm the fittings inside your toilet tank. With this automatic cleaner no harm is done to your bowl or tank.

The Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning properties may not reach all the areas of your bowl, so a thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl is necessary once in a while.

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Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner

This is a Naturally derived toilet cleaning product that contains no bleach and is safe for septic systems. Its made from a plant-based formula and contains no chlorine, synthetic fragrances, dyes or ammonia. Very highly rated as a good toilet cleaner for normal toilet cleaning purposes. Its also very much sort after product from one of the biggest names in green cleaning.

With Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner you get the satisfaction of using a eco-friendly toilet cleaner. Ultimately our aim should be to move away from harmful chemical toilet cleaning products that contain bleach, clorine and other chemicals which are harmful to us, our environment and even the toilet bowl. The soft mint fragrance by this cleaner is a nice change from typical cleaner scents, as well.

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Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is another great eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner. It contains a naturally derived cleaning solutions with no bleach and is safe for septic systems. Green Works even use post-consumer recycled material in their packaging wherever possible. Its also good to know this is not a product that was tested on animals. As for its effectiveness, it does a good job, as good as any other normal chemical based cleaner and smells nice too.

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Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel

If you suffer from hard water toilet staining you need a tougher cleaner like this. This Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner is one of the best toilet bowl cleaners for hard water stains. With its clinging bleach gel formula, it can get rid of the toughest stains, toilet rings and mineral deposits as well.

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Even the best toilets do get dirty and you have to get down to business and clean them once in a while. Having one of these top toilet bowl cleaners listed here will make your task pleasant. Sometimes not all cleaners work well in every toilet. Some cleaners work better in certain models and situations while in another its won’t be much useful. So try different products and see what works best for you. Cleaners are cheap, so you can order several different products and tryout.

At the same time its hard to say any one of these top toilet cleaning product is the best toilet cleaner. For example, a good mild toilet cleaner is best for your toilet bowl surface as it won’t damage it and will work great for regular normal toilet cleaning but not very good at cleaning hard stains and mineral deposits. Same way, it will be very easy and quick to clean almost any toilet with a very good powerful cleaner but if you use it every-time your toilet won’t last long. will Best is to have a combinations of toilet cleaners you are satisfied with and use as needed for different situations.

Apart from having a good toilet bowl cleaner, if you have lot of issues with cleaning toilets it might be due to your toilet model and surface finish. Most of the best modern toilets come with special glaze finishes for example like Toto Sanagloss toilets. Toilets like these are easy to maintain with almost any toilet cleaner mentioned above. They make your toilet cleaning chore easy and quick than most old toilets or toilets without good glaze finishes. They also stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

That concludes our best toilet bowl cleaner reviews and comparison guide. We like to hear about your experience with above toilet bowl cleaners and any other good toilet cleaning products. Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.


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