Where Are Gerber Toilets Made?

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Though not the best toilet in the market Gerber toilets are still a popular and economical toilet option in the US. Today, I saw someone looking for details about where are Gerber toilets made. So, I did some research about this question and here are the details I found.

According to Gerber toilet website and other sources, this toilet brand started in 1932, and for a longtime Gerber toilets were made in USA. But recently this Chicago based, family owned business was bought by a Chinese company. Since then manufacturing has been shifted to China. So new Gerber toilets for sale today are manufactured in China.

But if you find a Gerber toilet in a old house and wondering where it was made, its was probably made in USA.


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  1. Yes, China is buying out America. By the 25th century they’ll own it. (Think Buck Rogers.) That is, if we make it that far with the population of the Earth already close to the maximum number of humans it will hold without killing off ALL other higher mammals.

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