What Is The Standard Toilet Height?

standard toilet height

As I’ve wanted to find the standard toilet height, I did some research on ‘toilet heights,’ but then, the research complicated me more than I already was. I came across many heights such as standard height, comfort height, ADA height, and regular height. But the best thing what happened was, I was able to unfold the complexity. And I thought why not share it here, so that, you can save your time.

What’s the standard toilet height? There are two common standard toilet heights. The old ‘Standard Height’ and the new ‘ADA Toilet Height’ (ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act). Standard toilet height is 15 – 16 1/8 inches from the floor to seat top. ADA toilet height is 17 – 19 inches from floor to seat top.

That being said, don’t stop there. There’s a lot more to toilet heights. Just knowing the heights won’t help. We must get into details. That’s why I’m going to share the in-depth insights on bathroom heights. Let’s dive in!

Standard Toilet Height – 15″ – 16″

Standard toilet heights measure 15 to 16 inches from floor to seat top. Without the seat they measure around 14 to 15 1/2 inches. This is the standard height that was followed since toilets were introduced to the modern community. So, you can understand why the term ‘standard and regular’ are used to describe this height.

If you consider standard toilet heights, there are numerous benefits that you can consider. You can be either short or tall. However, you will be able to use the toilet without letting your legs become numb after some time.

Standard toilet height is most suitable toilet height for shorter and average height people. It’s also a great option to avoid constipation. Even for kids, there is no better option.

If you hadn’t known the height that you were accustomed to, this is it. The standard toilet height is the height that you’ve got used to. Or some might have got accustomed to the custom height, you can read more about it here.

Yet, there are specific disadvantages to standard height toilets. For example, you might struggle when standing up once done. And elderly and tall people often find it too low for them.

Note: if you have kids, you must think twice if purchasing the taller comfort height toilets. Basically, standard toilet height is better posture position of releasing what is in your bowels. Even the studies have emphasized the benefit of a lower posture when relieving yourself.

This standard height is also a good posture position to get used to early on in life. It will allow you to avoid health issues later on. Besides, it helps clean your bowels pretty easily. If you or anyone in your house is suffering from constipation, you should consider standard toilet height as that has a lower sitting position.

However, as I already mentioned you must not forget the disadvantages related to standard toilet heights. If you know the pros and cons, the step of purchasing will become easier. But, you are not left without a choice because there are options for differently-abled and older people. If you are not in average height slightly taller, then, this can be tough for you to settle for standard height.

ADA Toilet Height – 17″ – 19″

ADA toilet height means an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) toilet. The height matches ADA-compliant toilets, i.e. 17”-19” from floor to height of the bowl rim, along with the seat.

This height is more like the chair height. If there are any differently abled, adults, or people with leg pain, this toilet height can be ideal.

Well, handicap toilet height has been introduced by the Americans with Disabilities Act, in 1990. This height has been proposed to give equal rights to the handicapped people. ADA standard mentions the height, grab bar positions, holder positions, and the overall flush mechanism.

However, when installing ADA toilet height, you must make sure to check whether the handicapped people will be able to maneuver. This just means the area should be spacious with 18 inches or more distance from the walls on either side. There are requirements available in the standard ADA, hence, consider it.

Your bathroom layout will directly influence the clearance requirements of the ADA standard. If you still feel complicated, you can consult the building authorities to discuss it. Keep reading to find more information on toilet heights.

How To Measure Toilet Height?

The right toilet height is measured from the flat floor until the seat’s top section. When measuring it with the person’s height, it is essential for the person to wear regular shoes or footwear.

To measure the right height, the person should sit on the chair. And the knees should be placed in a right angle. However, when measuring the toilet height, you must be considerate about your height as well.

Now, let us learn the difference between toilet heights. It is good to know a lot than knowing nothing at all.

Comfort Height Toilet

The comfort height toilets are taller when compared to the standard designs. Thus, comfort height toilets are great for differently abled and taller people. If this height is considered you will be able to relieve the pressure on your joints and knees because of the comfortable sitting posture.

Chair Height Toilet

As mentioned before, the toilet height is measured from the flat floor to the seat’s top section. If heights differ, you can quickly identify. As per Kohler reference, the chair height toilet is 17” or more.

Right Height Toilet

The right height, in other words, according to the standard American brand the toilet height should be 17-19 inches. This is the most common height preferred by the more massive crowd, yet you have to be focused on your desires when selecting the right toilet height.

Universal height (Used by Toto Brand)

The height that I’m going to discuss is mainly for the TOTO brand. One of the heights is standard height, i.e., 15 inches that is from the floor to the seat. The other type is Universal height/ ADA Compliant Height, i.e., 17-18 inches from the ground till the toilet seat.

What’s the Best Toilet Height?

There are simple tips to be utilized when finding the best toilet height. Although I have shared a lot of insights, this is going to be really helpful.

There are only two things to bear in mind when finding the best toilet height and they are:

  • Easy to use, meaning, to sit and stand up.
  • To sit comfortably.

Basically, your height, physical needs, and the way you use the toilet will affect your decision.

On average a person spends 102 minutes of a week in the toilet. Despite the time, it is a daily ritual. Hence, you must be vigilant when selecting the right height.

As per research, the squat position is considered the best, so if you have selected comfort height you must use a stool to get the squat position. However, your primary concern must be your health.

Also, if your family consist of members with different heights, you must make sure to add accessories to the toilet height to match it in a way to suit everyone. This method is recommended because you can’t change the toilet heights as per the heights of family members.

Best Toilet Height for Tall People

If you are tall, you must not consider toilets with standard-heights and the toilet seat with 15-16 inches, as it will be uncomfortable. Hence, you can go for a comfort height toilet. The seat height of a comfortable height toilet would be higher than the regular toilet seat height; thus, you can be comfortable. The height ranges from 17-19 inches when measured from the ground to the top of toilet seat.

Best Toilet Height for Short People

People with a height of 5-4 feet probably consider standard height toilet that has the 16 inches seat height. But, if you are craving for a taller model, you can opt for it. But, make sure to add toilet rails so that you don’t risk your health.

Best Height for elderly? best for handicapped?

How To Raise A Toilet Height?

Through research, I found another important thing that everyone needs to know, i.e., increasing the toilet height. Most people struggle to stand up once they are done if their toilet is placed at a lower level. You can raise the height by replacing a taller seat.

Another option is you can opt for spacer through which you will be able to raise the height. Or you can consider a toilet pedestal (toilet plinth) to increase the height- this helps to improve the entire height. If you don’t prefer any of these, you can raise the height with the base of cement or tile.

Finding the standard height of the toilet can be pretty tough if you are going to do on your own. Hence, this my insights will be a great help.


What is the standard toilet height in the UK?
You already know the standard height of USA, but what about the UK? Knowing a little more information on toilet heights will not hurt you. However, the height of the toilet in the UK is 14-15 inches from the ground to the bowel’s top.

What’s the standard toilet height in Australia?
The height of the toilet in Australia is 15 inches (400-430mm) from the ground to the toilet’s seat. The height is measured based on the ergonomic chair height (350mm-150mm). Hence, it is easy to use the toilet.

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