Make A Combo Toilet With Sink On Top Using SinkPositive Or SinkTwice

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toilet tank sinkToday many of us live in small homes and face the problem of lack of space in our bathrooms. It would be great if we can find cool solutions to have everything we need, and get a stylish space. Converting a normal toilet into a combo toilet with sink on top of the tank using either SinkPositive or SinkTwice will do just that.

The first photo shows the SinkPositive toilet sink accessory. The SinkPositive is a patented accessory that turns your existing toilet lid into a sink. Here is the link to its Amazon sales page #ad.

And below is another toink tank sink called the SinkTwice toilet sink (Amazon link here #ad).

toilet with sink on top

These toilet sink combo products might seem like new ideas in the States, but its been around in Japan since 1956, according to Leonard Koren’s book, 283 Useful Ideas From Japan.

Many people have seen these Japanese toilet with sink on top and wished to have them in the US. But the Japanese trend didn’t catchup in the US, because unlike Japan where space is at a premium, the US bathrooms generally have enough space for at least a toilet and sink.

So the top toilet brands did’t see a big demand for toilet top sinks and seem to have not bothered to introduced it to the US market. Thankfully, now small companies like, SinkPositive and SinkTwice have come forward with the good versions of the Japanese toilet top sinks.

SinkPositive – Water Saving, Patented, Sink That Fits on Top of Your Toilet

sinkpositive toilet sink SinkPositive (Check at Amazon #ad) is the more popular of the two brands mentioned here and it has got good press and national attention.

Many people are impressed when they hear the story behind SinkPositive. Its manufactured by Grey2Green, based in Hillsboro, North Carolina (but its manufactured in Tenessee). The company is run by a very young woman entrepreneur – Deven Griffin, who is still in her early 20s. While studying she had seen and liked SinkPositive so much, she bought the rights (with the help of investors and her parents) and started her own company to market it.

This young entrepreneurial lady seem to be not only passionate about the environment and the conservation of natural resources but also a strong believer in the importance of supporting the local economy. As a result, every SinkPositive product is made in USA, even though it might cost less and bring more sales and profit, if they made it in say, China.

It’s fascinating to watch how SinkPositive works. Flushing the toilet automatically turns on the SinkPositive faucet and it runs until the toilet tank is full again. The faucet is designed to run water for quite a while, so there is plenty of time to thoroughly was your hands, even if your toilet is a water-saving model.

SinkPositive is made from molded plastic, is very lightweight and polished to look like porcelain. Even though its plastic, its a very good quality hard one, and said to stay white even after years of use. Molded into the sink is a small soap tray. You can also use it to hold a bottle of liquid hand soap.

You can install SinkPositive on top of any normal toilet tank. Because toilet tanks come in different widths, this comes with a adjustable filler panel that slides underneath the main portion and can be expanded to cover a wider tank. The color might not match exactly match with all the different white toilet colors, but it still manages to look attractive.

Installing SinkPositive on a normal toilet is a very easy. This toilet top sink comes with a chrome faucet, a clear supply tubing, and a black drain pipe. There are fittings to connect the faucet, tubing and drain pipe. The installation process is simple and they provide clear instructions. It only takes about 5 minutes. It’s truly a DIY toilet sink.

The price of SinkPositive is the stumbling block for many people. However, it’s much less expensive than installing a real sink (and some bathroom might not even have space to install one.) And reuse of the used grey water to refill the bowl helps in saving gallons of water each day. Making your toilet into a grey water sink toilet with this proven product is a win for the environment and your wallet!

SinkTwice – Newer, Cheaper and Tougher Toilet Lid Sink

toilet tank top sink SinkTwice is the newer of the two popular toilet sinks in the market today. Its manufactured and marketed by a family-owned company in Colorado. Here’s the link to its Amazon page #ad.

A major selling point of SinkTwice is its strengh and durability. It might look like any other plastic product but don’t be fooled by its looks. Its made using a high quality ABS plastic which is one of the toughest plastics available on the market. They have tested it and found it can take 400 tons of pressure. So its even stronger than your porcelain toilet. You can even drive over it with a small car!

Like SinkPositive its facinating to watch SinkTwice work. The faucet runs when you flush and stops running when the tank is full. There is no seperate on/off mechanism.

Installing SinkTwice is a piece of cake. You don’t even need any tools. It can be done in minutes and you can have your very own space saving and water saving, cute little sink on top of your toilet.

The SinkTwice will fit most modern toilet tanks, where the tank top with the lid off is no wider than 16.75 inches. New 1.28 GPF toilet tank tops are typically this size. The SinkTwice fits them well. However, some 1.6 GPF and higher, older models might have wider tanks. For such wider toilet tanks SinkTwice sells “Expansion Kit” separately. However the expansion kit hadn’t got many good reviews online when I researched about it. But SinkTwice is a great product and recommendable.

Advantages of Toilet Tank Sink

Having a toilet with a sink on top of the tank like this will save space, save water and save money. Just imagine, with a solution like this, you save space needed for a sink, save water used by the sink and save a huge chunk of money which you would have otherwise spent to make a bigger bathroom, buy and install a sink and pay continueously for the sink water bill. You also save time and extra worry, and feel great about using an innovative, eco friendly solution.

All in all either of these two products are great choice for those looking a help you greatly. These toilet tank sink products have helped lot of people with tiny bathrooms where their was no room for a sink. It has also helped many convert tiny spaces in their basements and under staircases into tiny bathrooms with a place to rinse hands in that tight quarters.


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