23″ CARUS Toilet Review: Who Makes CARUS Smallest Toilet & More

carus toilet smallestThe 23″ CARUS toilet is currently the smallest toilet for sale in the American market. So many are interested in it.  However, as its a new toilet, I understand many people have questions about it. For example, who makes this toilet? how good is it? etc. So, I did some research about Carus toilet and found the answers for these questions. I would like to share them with you here.

Who Makes Carus Toilet?

Like most other products today, the Carus toilet is made in China. The seller of the toilet who is ‘Luxury Modern Home’ says so on its Amazon.com sales page Q&A section.

From what I gather, it is made in China and sold in the US by ‘Luxury Modern Home’, a family-owned company with headquarters office located in East Hanover, NJ. According to the company, if you order it from Amazon it ships from Los Angeles, California.

How is Carus Toilet Manufacturer/Seller?

‘Luxury Modern Home’ is the same company that sells the best selling 25″ Galba Small toilet. For the record, Galba has sold thousands of toilets online, is very highly rated for its size and quality and has over hundred four and five star reviews on its Amazon sale page. The seller company has also proved to be trustworthy and reliable.

So, while Carus toilet is new and still building its reputation, the Company that sells Carus toilet is reliable has a proven record with bringing you good quality small toilets. Their 24.5 inch depth Galba small toilet was first available for sale in 2013. Since then its become the most popular and best selling small toilet in the market.

When it was release, the Galba small toilet was the smallest toilet in the market for a long time, I think until around 2017/18. Around 2017/18 the same size but cheaper price 25″ ‘Horow small toilet’ and smaller 24″ ‘Swiss Medisson Sublime II’ toilets were released to the market by other toilet brands and sellers.)

As I remember, between around 2013 until 2017 there were no other smaller toilet under 26/27″ inches for sale on online stores like Amazon.com except for this 24.5 inch depth Galba small toilet. So, during this time, thousands of Galba toilets were sold online by the same company that sells Carus toilet. The secret for its success was not only its size but also its good quality and reliability of the toilet. The over 100+ four/five star Amazon customer reviews for Galba proves it.

Apart from Carus and Galba toilets, Luxury Modern Home also markets and sells many other home improvement products like vanity sinks, sliding doors and lighting fixtures. Those products have also got good reviews and ratings on Amazon though they are not as popular as the Galba toilet.

So the company that brings you this short 23″ depth Carus Toilet is well established and reliable. I Have also found many online customer reviews praising and recommending ‘Luxury Modern Home’ for their fast response, helpfulness and support even in the case of after sales services. As a result, I see Carus toilet as a good emerging toilet model that will see good success in the market today.

23″ Carus Toilet: The Shortest Depth Toilet Among The 17 Smallest Toilets

As shown in my blog post about the 17 smallest depth toilets for sale currently, this 23 inch depth Carus toilet is about one inch shorter than the other shortest toilets available in the market.

However the Carus toilet is also expensive compared to other toilet models available in the 24 inch depth toilet range. But small and good toilets in the of 23-25 inch depth toilets are tough to find in local stores and expensive. That’s because top toilet brands like Toto, Kohler and American Standard don’t make any toilet today that is less than 26 or 27 inches in depth.

What is Carus Toilet Depth from Wall When Installed?

This is a very important consideration you need to weigh in on when buying a small toilet to save maximum space. (But many buyers are not aware of this consideration and so don’t look into this matter.)

Fortunately, when you install the 23″ depth Carus toilet on a standard, exactly 12 inch rough-in, the gap between the toilet back and the wall is only 1/8 of an inch. So after installing this toilet, the total overall length of space taken by Carus from the toilet front to the wall is 23 1/8″ inches only.

Many other toilets when you install on a 12 inch rough-in leave a bigger gap of between the toilet tank and wall, thereby taking up more space than the toilet depth.

Is it worth to buy CARUS 23″ SMALLEST Toilet?

Yes. Overall, I think this 23″ Carus toilet is a very good choice if you need a toilet for a small bathroom that saves the most space.

yI think in years to come, Carus toilet might repeat the success in number of sales of its older and popular elder brother Galba toilet. That is unless other small toilet brands introduce to the market a better and cheaper 23 inch depth toilet.

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