Galba Toilet Manufacturer: Who Makes Galba Small Toilets?

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If you are looking for the smallest toilet for a small bathroom you would have surely come across the Galba Small Toilet. Being only 24.5 inches long, it was once the  shortest compact toilet for sale in the States (from around 2013 to 2018).

Since then its been surpased in size by several other 24 inch depth toilets and then now by couple of 23 inch depth toilets. Despite that there’s still demand for Galba toilets because of its tiny size, a stylish, one-piece skirted design and lot of good reviews online.

However being a new brand, I hear lot of questions like, “Who makes Galba toilets?”, “Where is it from?”, “Who is selling it?” etc. I had these same questions when I first heard about it. So in this post, I would like to share answers I’ve found to these kind of questions about the Galba toilet manufacturer.

Who Makes Galba Toilets?

The short answer is, Galba toilets are made in China. On the Amazon page of Galba toilets (ad) somebody had asked, “where Galba toilets are manufactured?” and, “Luxury Modern Home” who are the original seller of this toilet had answered, “With just about all ceramic ware here in the USA, they are made in China.”

Galba toilet small(Note: Its true quite a large percentage of toilets sold in the US come from China but a fair share is still made in the US. Much of American Standard toilets and even some Kohler toilets are made in Mexico. And in Toto, the best toilets in my opinion, you will often find same toilet model coming from their US as well as other places like China, Vietnam and Mexico. It will be great if we can have all Made in America toilet. But in the absence of suitable small toilets made in America, Galba is a great product as its a fine toilet with good functionality and features.)

Who Is Selling Galba Toilets?

The Galba toilets are marketed and sold in the United States by “Luxury Modern Home”.

Luxury Modern Home is a East Hanover, NJ based supplier of high quality home decor products at affordable prices. They also have warehouses in Torrance California, Riverside California as well as in East Hanover, New Jersey. This company specializes in bringing new products to the American market that are creative, innovative, and meet US standards for quality.

In addition to the Galba toilets this company successfully markets and sells many other home decor products such as vanity sinks, sliding doors and lighting fixtures. Their other products have also got good ratings and reviews on online stores but they are not as popular as the Galba toilet. So the seller behind the Galba Small Toilet looks to established and also reliable. I found many customer reviews on Amazon praising the company for their prompt responses, helpfulness and support even in after sales services. As a result, I think the Galba toilet is a good emerging toilet model in the market today.

Glaba Toilet: The Shortest Toilet Length Among The Smallest Toilets!

Galba is probably your best choice when you need a space saving toilet or a compact toilet for a small bathroom. At 24 inches depth, the Galba MU113 toilet is about two or three inches smaller than other small toilet models. And its around 6 inches shorter than regular toilets!

It’s also got several high-end toilet features like one-piece design, dual flush mechanism (half flush 0.8gal, full flush 1.6gal), adequate flushing power and a very stylish skirted design. There isn’t a smaller toilet you can find with these added features.

As a downside, it’s a bit pricey, so it’s not for everyone’s budget. However it’s worth the investment because it has got many things to recommend it. And its been in the market for nearly 5 years now (since 2013) and is very highly rated and praised by purchasers.

The Amazon page of Toilet Galba ” 24″ 25″ Inch SMALL TOILET #ad, is the most comprehensive source of information about Galba toilets you will find on the Internet. It’s got loads of images, reviews, questions and answers by customers and the seller, “Luxury Modern Home”. (At the time of this writing it had more than 75 answered questions about the Galba toilet.) So, I think its a great toilet for anyone looking for a 24 inch or 25 inch depth toilet for a small bathroom or powder room.

I hope I was able to provide answers to your questions about the origin of Galba toilets. Otherwise, you are most welcome to leave a comment about your thoughts below.

If you want to look at alternatives to Galba toilet please checkout my post about the 24 & 25 inch toilets here and the post about 26 inch toilets here.


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9 Comments on “Galba Toilet Manufacturer: Who Makes Galba Small Toilets?”

  1. Are Galba small toilets still made? Amazon says it’s not available and that they don’t know if it will ever be available. Thank you!

    1. I think it is temporarily out of stock. In the past, I have noticed it becomes available and unavailable very quickly. Maybe many people add it to their Amazon list and get it when it becomes available again or something like that.

      However if you are in a hurry and want to get a small toilet checkout my post 2 Small 24, 25 Inch Depth Toilets. In it, I have discussed other alternative compact toilets to Galba.

      The best Galba toilet alternative is the, “HOROW Small Toilet 25″ Long x 13.4″ Wide x 28.3″ High One Piece Short Compact Bathroom Tiny Mini Commode Water Closet Dual Flush Concealed Trapway”. Unfortunately, with Galba toilet running out of stock and Horow toilet’s cheaper price has made it also currently unavailable. So, I think many people looking for, “Where to buy Galba toilet,” are buying other small toilets like the below models.

      * Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One Piece Elongated Toilet Dual Tornado Flush 0.8/1.28 GPF (26.5 inches long)

      * American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height Elongated Toilet (26.75 inches)

      * Drake 1.6 GPF Round 2 Piece Toilet with E-Max Flush System Toilet Finish


    2. Susan,
      It’s available again on Amazon when I checked it just now. It shows as only 3 left in stock, so I don’t know how long it will last.

  2. I own one I bought it on Amazon in 2016. The toilet seat lid broke. I can buy another toilet, but not the toilet seat separately. It is small and tall, but the button sometimes sticks, and I have to clean it more frequently.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this toilet model. Sorry to hear about your troubles with this toilet. I hear Galba toilet seat can be replaced with standard round toilet seats. Check this link on Amazon #ad to see the answer on Amazon Q&A section from a Galba toilet purchaser saying, standard round seats fit Galba and were very comfortable when installed.

  3. Having a tiny bathroom space such a pain. Galba Small toilets have an attractive design and ideal for small bathroom spaces. This really works great in my small bathroom.

  4. We have a Galba toilet and it looks great and works well for the past two years, but recently the water tank is not refilling automatically after each flush. We have to open the cover of the tank to press the lever inside for the water to refill. How do we fix this? Thanks for your help in advance!

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