6 Short 26 Inch Depth Toilets for Small Bathrooms

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26 inch toilets are some of the shortest toilets you can buy today. But there are only a few of them. So in this post I have rounded up and discussed about all the top 26 inch toilets with a length or depth of around 26 inches. (For 26 inch height toilets see my low profile toilets post)

If you need a 26 inch toilet there are several good 26 to 27 inch toilets from the top 3 toilet brands of Toto, Kohler and American Standard. But if you need a toilet with a depth less than 26 inches, you will have to either go for a new toilet brand or for the low profile but high-end Kohler San Souci toilet.

Here are all the 26 inch toilets, listed in a table format with their key features, so you can compare and select easily. I have also included the top 24 & 25 inch toilets too in case you need a toilet under 26 inches to save more space.

26 Inch Depth Toilet Comparison

  • 25.6" KOHLER San Souci Low Profile Toilet
  • Price: $$$
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Shape: Round Bowl
  • Standard Height Seat
  • 12" Rough-in
  • 25.6" Long
    16.8" Wide
    24.2" Tall

  • 25" HOROW Small Toilet
  • Price: $$
  • Water Consumption: 1.1/1.6 GPF (Dual Flush)
  • Shape: Round Bowl
  • Standard Height Seat
  • 12" Rough-in
  • 25" Long
    13.4" Wide
    28.4" Tall

  • 26 inch toilet
  • 25.8" American Standard Colony Round Toilet
  • Price: $$
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 or 1.6 GPF
  • Shape: Round Bowl
  • Standard Height Seat
  • 12" or 10" Rough-in
  • 25.8" Long
    19.2" Wide
    29.9" Tall

  • 26 inch depth toilet
  • 26.6" TOTO Drake II Tornado Flush Toilet
  • Price: $$$
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Shape: Round Bowl
  • Comfort Height Seat
  • 12" Rough-in
  • 26.6" Long
    17.25" Wide
    30" Tall

  • 26.6" Swiss Madison Tropez Toilet
  • Price: $$
  • Water Consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPF (Dual Flush)
  • Shape: Elongated Bowl
  • Standard Height Seat
  • 12" Rough-in
  • 26.6" Long
    15" Wide
    31" Tall

  • 27" TOTO Ultimate Round Toilet
  • Price: $$$
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Shape: Round Bowl
  • Standard Height Seat
  • 12" Rough-in
  • 27" Long
    16.5" Wide
    27.5" Tall

26 inch toilets are some of the shortest depth toilets you can buy without resorting to wall hung toilets or tankless macerating toilets. But there are only a few 26 inch models available in the market. After all, the normal standard toilet depth is around 30 inches and anything shorter than 28 inches is considered as a compact toilet.

All toilets I discuss here are good toilets, but the best 26 inch depth toilet in my opinion is the 26.5 inch Toto Ultimate One Piece toilet followed by the cheaper 26.4 inch Toto Drake two piece toilet.

If you want a toilet shorter than 26 inches than your best options are either the 25-inch Horow Small Toilet (check its Amazon.com page #Ad) or the 24-inch Swiss Madison Sublime Toilet(check at Amazon #Ad). (See my 24 & 25 inch toilet post for a list of all the available 24 and 25 inch length toilets.)

Best 26 inch toilet – TOTO Ultimate MS853113#01

After checking out all the 26 inch toilet models, my choice for best 26″ length toilet goes to TOTO Ultimate Round One Piece Toilet MS853113#01 (Amazon page link #Ad). For me, it’s got the perfect balance of price and quality. It’s also got a traditional high-end look and one-piece design with a powerful flush and a proven record of good performance. Toto is anyway known as the top toilet brand, having very few problems and quality construction. This is proven again with this toilet’s high ratings in online stores and a great many buyer reviews with positive experiences. Replacement parts are also readily available.

24.5 inch Galba Small Toilet for Max. Space Saving

Galba small toiletGalba small toilet (Amazon link #Ad) is my 2nd best choice after the Toto models listed here. If the 26+ Toto toilets are too long for you and you need to get a toilet depth less than 26 inches to save space, then this 24.5 inches long Galba toilet is your best option. After all, in space constrained places like small bathrooms, powder rooms and closet toilets every inch saved counts.

Galba is more expensive than other models here but when installed it saves two or three inches more than the other models here. That’s because not only is it smaller than other models, but when you install it on a 12 inch rough in, it sits snugly against the wall without leaving a gap between the tank and the wall. Galba is not only the shortest length toilet but also shortest width toilet. It’s width is only 14 inches, so it leaves more space in front as well as on the sides of your toilet. You can say it gives the best leg room as well as hand room.

Galba has been a best selling small toilet since 2013, so its a tried and test toilet today. Have a look at purchaser reviews and ratings on online stores like Amazon, and you will see it is a very reliable toilet. It’s a favorite with shoppers looking for a compact toilet that saves maximum space.

A drawback with Galba is concern about toilet seat and parts replacements in future. But you can replace Galba toilet seats if needed with a standard round toilet seat. Galba toilets are made in China and imported and sold in the USA by ‘Luxury Modern Home’ a company based in East Hanover, NJ. The company has been reliable Amazon sellers for nearly a decade and responsive and quick in after sales service too.

Why TOTO 26 Inches Long Toilets are the best?

On this list there are two Toto 26 to 27 inch depth toilets which are the shortest toilets from Toto. They are not the smallest in the list but they are better quality and will give you more satisfaction and peace of mind in the long run than other 26 inch toilet brands and models here. In these days of 1.6 GPF and 1.28 GPF toilets, there are so many designs out there that look good first and perform horribly in long run that it isn’t worth the risk. Also, you have no idea how and where you will get parts for other brands and models when the moving parts inevitably wear out in a few years.

The reason Toto gets such a push on this website is the flush in all models is amazing; and the quality control is second-to-none. As for Toto toilet parts, for most designs, factory authorized parts are readily available at a low price at Lowe’s from an American manufacturer like Korky and from Toto headquarters in Georgia. They are also available at most plumbing supply houses.

Other 25 inch depth toilets or 24 inch depth toilets?

Unlike a few years, today there are several 24 to 25 inch toilets for sale in the US market. However most of them are from new brands.

Out of the new brand 24-25 inch toilets, the Galba Small Toilet is the oldest, available since around a decade now. In the last couple of years, a few more under 26 inch toilets like the HOROW, Swiss Madison, WinZo and other new brands and models have come into the market.

The high-end one-piece KOHLER San Souci low profile toilet is the only toilet in the 25 inch depth toilet category from the top three toilet brands.

I think the reason there aren’t any 24 or 25 inch toilet for sale in US from Kohler, Toto and American Standard is because of the toilet laws like the ADA legislation and minimum toilet space requirements that were introduced in the last few decades. These laws and increased demand from people for comfortable big toilets resulted in the market flooding with large comfortable elongated bowl toilets and gradual disappearance of smaller round bowl toilet models.

But there is still great demand in the US for 24 inch toilets and 25 inch toilets. I hope toilet manufacturers take this into account and come up with new models in this sizes. Even in the 24″ Galba toilet there is room for slimming. They can do something like reduce the tank width and increase the tank height to further reduce the toilet depth.

26 inch toilets for 10 inch rough-in

Most of the 26 inch models come only in 12 inch rough-in size but some will fit even smaller 11.5 inch rough-in. If you want size 26 inch depth toilet for a 10 inch rough-in, checkout the 26.2 inches long American Standard 270DB001.020 Cadet 3 toilet on Amazon #Ad. It is a 26 inch deep toilet with a round front shape, two-piece design and 10-inch rough-in.

26″ depth toilets for 14 inch rough-in

I know some of you maybe looking for a 26″ deep toilet for a 14 inch rough-in. Unfortunately I haven’t come across any 26 or even 27 inch toilets for 14 inch rough-in. The shortest 14″ roughin toilet I have found so far is the Toto Vespin II toilet which is about 28.5 inches long. When installed on a 14″ rough-in it has a gap of about 3/4 inch between the tank and wall so in total when installed it will be about 29 inches long from front to wall.

So at the moment I think the shortest toilet for 14″ rough-in is the 24.5 inch long Galba small toilet. When installed on a 14″ rough-in it will be about 26 1/2 inches long from front of toilet to wall. The 2 inch gap between the toilet tank and wall isn’t a big deal. Many toilets have similar size gaps. It makes easy to clean the back and prevents mold growing on the wall.

What to Look for in 26 inch depth toilets?

Obviously you’ll want a 26 inch shallow depth toilet designed to protrude a minimal amount into the bathroom. But what other factors should you look for? Here are some things to consider:

  • Rough-in size. (distance between toilet flange hole and wall) If you are replacing an old toilet, you MUST get back the same rough-in as your existing toilet. Changing of rough-in size is only when you are on a remodel or new build.
  • Gap between tank back and wall. Many toilets are designed so that they leave a gap between the tank back and wall. This prevents mold growth on wall and tank condensation issues and also allows to install the toilet in rough-ins that are slightly shorter than 12 inches (e.g. 11.5 rough-in or some even 11 inch rough-in.) But when you want to save space this becomes a disadvantage. If you have an exact 12 inch rough in, some 26″ toilet models might leave a 1/2 inch or 1 inch gap between the tank and wall, resulting in more space taken up by the toilet than its depth.
  • Performance. When you buy a toilet you would expect it to be good for 10 years or so. So make sure you get a toilet that flushes well. A high flush rating is an indication of how well the toilet flush performs over time and ultimately maintains a strong flush throughout its lifespan.
  • Comfort. Consider seat height and shape. Pick a toilet after considering the people who will use it. New taller ADA compliant comfort height seat level (16+ inches) is easier to use for elderly people and tall people (5’8″+ feet). The older standard height toilets (14+ inch) are good for a mixed height household with kids or shorter people. As for toilet bowl/seat shape, elongated bowl toilets are more comfortable to sit on than the smaller round bowl seats. But in short depth toilets like 26 inches, even toilet with elongated seats smaller and can be uncomfortable for tall or large people.
  • Parts availability. Choose a toilet from a major manufacturer so that you can easily get new parts when you need to replace something.
  • Price. I recommend not buying a cheap small toilet under $200 because I simply haven’t found one that I consider to be well made. But you don’t have to spend over $600 either. Anything more and you might as well go for a remodel to a wall mount toilet that will free up a lot more space than the tiniest normal floor mount toilet.


I hope I was able to provide answers to your questions on 26″ long toilets. Please share your thoughts, questions and concerns and I will reply back to you.


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