5 Smallest TOTO Toilets for Small Bathrooms & Saving Space

While I was researching to write about compact toilets for small bathrooms, I came across a few questions in some forums and websites from people asking about the smallest TOTO toilet. As no one provided satisfying details about small TOTO toilet models, I did some research and found these details. I’m sharing with you here the details I found about the smallest TOTO toilets for small bathrooms and saving space. So if you are wondering what is the smallest TOTO toilet you can find out now 🙂

Here is a comparison list of the best small TOTO toilets with their length, width and height in inches.

NameToilet LengthTank WidthOverall HeightPrice
TOTO Drake 1.6 GPF Round Bowl 2 Piece Toilet with E-Max Flush System, Model CST743SR#0126.375"
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TOTO CST423SF#11 Promenade G-Max Round Bowl and Tank Universal Height 1.6 GPF26.375"
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TOTO MS853113#01 Ultimate Round One Piece Toilet, 1.6 GPF26.5"16.5"27.5"
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TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6GPF & 0.9GPF27.625"14.2"31.2"
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TOTO CST416M#01 Aquia II 2-Piece Toilet with Regular Height Bowl and Dual Max Tank27.625" 15.375"30.375″
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Please note that only Toto toilets with a length of 28 inches or less was included in this table. And more importantly, only those with decent reviews get onto the chart. Incidentally, all Toto toilets I found less then 28 inches in depth had decent reviews and were included here.

My choice in this list is the Drake 1.6 GPF Round 2 Piece Toilet. It not only has the shortest toilet length of all the Toto models, but also belongs to the Toto Drake line of products which is the workhorse of Toto toilets. It flushes great using only 1.6 gallons of water. Talking about its flushing power I saw one customer on Amazon say, its “flushing away any thing you throw at it” .If you need a short length toilet for space saving or due to a small bathroom space this is a great choice.

Smallest Kohler Toilets and Smallest American Standard Toilet

So the Drake Toto 26 inch toilet is the smallest Toto toilet currently in the market. But what if you want a smaller toilet than the smallest Toto has to offer?

Normally when people want to buy a toilet they turn to one of the top 3 Toilet Manufacturers, namely Toto, Kohler or American Standard. I did research about the smallest Kohler toilets and smallest American Standard toilets too.

KOHLER has a bit smaller toilet. Its the K-4007-0 San Souci Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet. This Kohler small toilet measures 25.625 inches in length, 14.5 inches width and 24.25 inches tall.

The smallest American Standard toilet is little bit smaller than what Toto has to offer. Its the 26.2 inches long American Standard 270DB001.222 Cadet 3 Round Front Two-Piece Toilet. However this toilet is for 10-Inch Rough-In. There is also a 26.75 inches long American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush toilet with standard height and elongated bowl. I have listed and discussed these and a few more 26 inch depth toilets here.

What if you want you want a even smaller length toilet? Any other recommendable smaller toilet from any other brand?

Don’t fear, there is one.

Smallest Toilets From Other Brands

If you want to get a smaller toilet than what Toto or the other top brands have to offer then checkout the Galba small toilet on Amazon. It is a 24.5 inch toilet, which is about two inches smaller than the smallest Toto toilet. It is possibly the smallest floor mount toilet currently for sale in the United States.

Now, you might ask me what’s Galba? Where is it from? Who is selling it? And How much is it? You asked. If this was few years back these would have been valid questions. But now Galba small toilet is one of the best selling compact toilets on Amazon and has a great reputation as quality, functional, small toilet. It has been selling like hot cakes for more than five years now to people looking for 24, 25 inch toilets for their tiny bathrooms.

You can find out more about the Galba in my article, Who Makes Galba Small Toilets and why it might be worth it, if you are looking to save a little more space than what the Toto small toilets have to offer.

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